Red Hair Color Ideas
Red Hair Color

Red hair is the most appealing and head turning hair color that you can ever have. Hordes of celebrities seem to agree with this statement, look at all big names celebs with flaming red hair. From rich copper to fire engine red or rich brown red to stunning deep ruby red, there will surely be a red hue or tone that will suit your skin coloring. There is a wide spectrum of red hair color. There are differences in the tones and hues that make each shade of red hair unique. Red hair can have a tinge of soft yellow, warn violet, bright orange, dark brown.

Red Hair Color

Light Red Hair Colors

For red hair to be attention-grabbing, it does not have to be exceedingly bright. Depending on your skin tone, light red hair tones can be as flattering. A natural red hair shade is considered light red so are light auburn, strawberry blonde, light copper blonde, light red-orange, honey –red, rosy copper blonde and pinkish red. Evan Rachel Wood sports light red hair.

Medium Red Hair Colors

Medium red hair colors such as medium red blonde, cinnamon red, chestnut red, auburn and fox red are also super gorgeous and can provide drama to a girl’s look. It has more depth than the lighter shades but as arresting and attractive. Isla Fisher, star of “Confessions of a Shopaholic” has the best example of a medium red hair color.

Dark Red Hair Colors

Dark red hair colors are more intense and deeper. These are very seductive and sassy hair colors that are perfect for women with olive skin tone. They can try red violet shades, dark copper, dark red-orange and more. For a dark red hair color check Debra Messings’

Bright Red Hair Colors

Bright red hair will truly get everybody’s attention. Bright red hair is unique and bold and only for women who are not afraid to stand out in a crowd. Consider these shades if you are ready to be different, fiery dark orange, glowing orange, bright fiery orange, fire engine red and more. Rihanna’s fiery locks is the classic bright red hair.

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