How to Fix Long Hair Problems
Fixing Long Hair Tips

Long hair makes women feel more feminine and sexy. Long hair is also very versatile and can be styled in all types of updos, downdos or half up/half down dos. The wearer also has a choice to wear it straight or can curl or provide it with soft waves. Unfortunately, long hair needs a lot of attention and care, otherwise it can bring with it some hair problems such as split ends. It also easily gets dry, lanky and limp when not cared for properly. Good thing, there are ways on how to fix long hair problems to bring back its health, shine and beauty. Here’s how to fix long hair problems:

Matted and tangled hair – Long hair can get matted and tangled from too much teasing and use of hair spray. Using a de-tangling hairbrush such as “Tangle Teezer” is the best way to fix matted and tangled hair. This type of hairbrush moves smoothly over dry or wet hair. In the process it does not break or pull the delicate strands of the hair.

Long hair that hangs limply – As the hair grows longer, it has a tendency to hang limply and lifeless maybe because of the pull of gravity. When your long hair starts to hang limp and lifeless, then you may be in need of a trim. Go to your hair stylist and ask for a trim with shorter layers rather than long layers. The shorter layers will add volume, movement and life to your hair. Long thick hair may require some thinning out with a technique known as channeling.

Dull and dry hair –Another way on how to fix long hair problem such as dry and dull hair with split ends and is easy to break is to follow the right washing procedure. Instead of washing every day, wash your hair only three or four times a week. To bring back the gloss and luster of the hair apply a hair mask or deep condition the hair once or two times a week. Photo Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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