2013 Hairstyles Tips for Square Faces
Mandy Moore

A square face has strong angular features with a more prominent or angular jaw line and broader forehead. Many celebrated faces in the past and present have strong square faces. The likes of Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Maria Menounos, Angelina Jolie, Isabella Rossellini, Mandy Moore, Janet Jackson, Hilary Swank, Sandra Bullock among others are all considered beautiful women, and all have square faces.

If you have a square face, considers yourself lucky to be in the same league as these illustrious and beautiful women. Square faces are complemented by haircuts that soften the angles of the face – long wavy hair, layered hair and lengthy bobs with added light shades of color around the face will make a square face softer considerably. Any haircut that is layered and textured removes the focus away from the strong jaw is an ideal haircut or hairstyle for a square face. Curls and waves are also great for a square face.

Hairstyles that highlight the cheekbones, such as a hairstyle with layers that graze the cheekbone while maintaining the rest of the hair long, is a most flattering hairstyle for a square face. Another hairstyle that has a tendency to soften the angular jaw line is a long haircut that fall past the shoulders and styled with curls and waves. Layered bangs that are longer at the sides and side-swept bangs are also great ideas for square shaped faces.

Women with a square face should avoid a haircut that is shorter than the jawbone, this calls attention to the jaw line and emphasizes the angles of the face. A blunt cut, and short bob and chin length bob are also not recommended for a square shaped face since these haircuts accentuate the angular features of the face. Another hairstyle that is not suitable for a square face is a long straight haircut. The linear look of a long straight haircut will accentuate a strong jaw bone. Center parts and straight bangs are not for squared face women either. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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