2012 Hairstyles Ideas – In Between Haircuts

A busy schedule sometimes prevents you from visiting hour hairstylist for that much needed hair trim or haircut. No need to be stressed, there are hairstyle ideas in between haircuts that you can fall back on to still look great even when your hair badly needs a trim. Here are some hairstyle ideas in between haircuts that will conceal hair that badly needs a trim:

Hair color
No one will notice the shabby ends of hair that badly needs a cut if it looks healthy, glossy and bouncy. Give your hair a temporary hair color that you can apply on your own at home to revive and refresh your locks until you’ll find the time to visit your hair stylist. Color highlights will serve the same purpose of giving your hair new life while you haven’t had it trimmed.

Waves and curls
Ratty ends that need to be trimmed can be camouflaged with waves and curls that you can give your hair with the use of hair rollers or curling iron but remember to protect your hair with heat protection products so as not to add damage to your hair. Waves and curls will give your hair life and bounce that will refresh them.

Hair accessories
Glittery clips or barrettes, a headband or head scarf or even an attractive that will deflect the focus from your scraggy looking hair that is in bad need of trim to the hair accessories. A hat or head scarf will successfully hide hair that needs to be restyled or cut.

Updos are the best hairstyle ideas in between haircuts. There are enough updo hairstyles to suit any occasion that will effectively hide the ratty ends of your untrimmed hair. Updos are also super elegant and you can do them for short, medium and of course, long hair. Photos Copyright of PR PHOTOS

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