Female Emo Hairstyles

The term “Emo” is short for “Emotional” and has its roots firmly stemmed from Alternative and Punk Music. Being less violent than its predecessors, Emo hairstyles has been surging in popularity in recent years. Although Emo hairstyles are the perfect complement to Emo lifestyles, many teens have been known to wear Emo hairstyles just for the pure fun of it.

Short Emo Hairstyle

Before anything else, you should know that Emo hairstyles are a lot about showing off one’s personality and individualism. Instead of copying a particular female Emo hairstyle that might not go well with your facial features, it would be more suitable if you were to modify a hairstyle to suit your own looks and style.

One of the main aspects of female Emo hairstyles pertains to the hair color. It is largely associated with girls with brunette and dark hair. They often come in varying shades of brown or black hair. Having mentioned that, there are blonde females with Emo hairstyles too but considered to be the minority.

The m...

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Simple Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

Summer is fast approaching/is already here (depending on when this article is published!). It is a time to have fun under the hot, scorching sun and sandy beaches etc. For many, it is their favorite season of the year (especially for those that just cannot stand the icy-cold winters).

It is a time to get into the best summer fashions and this includes your hairstyles. For those of you who have long hair, this article will suggest some of the most popular simple summer hairstyles for long hair.

The easiest long hairstyle is the straight hairstyle. Even with this, you can simply make use of your creativity to style your hair. You can simply let your hair loose and let the wind run through it to great effects. Alternatively, you can cut it with bangs or have it layered. When and if it ever gets too hot, you can always tie your hair up in a pony tail or use hair bands/hair sticks to style it neatly.

The next firm favorite long hairstyles for the summer season are the curly and wavy hairstyles. Coupled with the sexiest bathing suits and bikinis or other summer fashion clothings, you can be assured of grabbing other’s attention. I can...

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Protecting Your Hair

Protecting your hair is easier than you think. Follow some of these common sense rules to great looking hair.

Protecting Your Hair From Chlorine Damage:

To give a long life to your hair, it is necessary to protect your hair. Your hair is likely to get ruined in a swimming pool. Chlorine in a swimming pool bleach your hair strongly, due to that your hair becomes discolored and bleached. Discolored and bleached hair looks very unattractive. You can protect your hair from chlorine of a pool by application of deep conditioners. After your swimming, it is necessary to wash your hair with apple cider vinegar followed by club soda. Apple vinegar and club soda removes excess salt and excess chlorine from your hair; this is due to the carbonation which protects your hair. Sun- rays can also damage your hair. Wearing a hat or cap in the sun can protect your hair against sun rays, however sometimes it does not look right to be wearing a hat depending upon your setting.

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