Glamorous Retro Hollywood Haircuts
Glamorous Retro Hollywood Hairstyles

Since the retro look is the look of the season, it is but timely to look back and recall the timeless glamorous hairstyles immortalized by the Hollywood divas of the past all the way from the 20s to the 60s. These glamorous Hollywood hairstyles of old are the driving force behind the current trendy retro hairstyles that are shaking the world of hairstyle fashion this 2014.

Finger Waves or Marcel Waves
Finger Waves are curls created by setting the hair into curls by squeezing hair lightly sprayed with hair spray ( at that time a hair lotion) between the fingers and allowing it to dry slightly and then combing the hair in alternate directions to create the waves. This hairstyle was very popular in the 20s and 30s and Hollywood beauties of those generations Jean Harlow and Bette Davis made this hairstyle their signature hairdo.

Marcel waves originally known as “Undulation Marcel” are not exactly the same as finger waves but they almost look the same. This hairstyle was created by French hairdresser Francois Marcel in the 19th century by using curling irons. The result of this process looks exactly like finger waves. Modern day celebrities that have rocked the finger wave or Marcel wave are Charlize Theron, Katy Perry, Hale Berry, Drew Barrymore and Christina Aguilera.

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Summer Haircuts for Boys

Girls are not the only ones who want their hair to look great. Despite popular belief, boys also want to look great, and while they generally prefer hairstyles that make it easy to get out the door, they still want to look as great as they possibly can. Just like with girls, boys’ hairstyles look better on some than on others.

The classic boys style is a great short haircut for boys. The hairstyle is layered short on top, and then is tapered down on the sides and in the back. The hair is trimmed around the ears, and into the back of the neck. This is a great wash and wear style that will suit most boys, though those with round faces may want to wear their hair a little longer than normal to help lengthen their faces.

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Long Wedding Hairstyles For A Bride-To-Be

Every bride-to-be wants to have long tresses of hair. Probably this is due to the fact that long hair seems classic and timeless. Who wouldn’t want not to look best on the most important day of the lives? Bride-to-be want to look timeless that in after 15 years brides can still say they love their look.

Long hair is suitable to almost any kind of facial shape. It is actually a versatile style. It all boils down to you play with it. Let’s say, you have a round face, you can balance the shape by slimming down through visual illusion of having many layers on the jaw area. Many brides-to-be start maintaining their hair even months before the big day. Brides can start making their hair healthier by having deep conditioning treatments and regular trimmings. To achieve bone straight hair you need to blow dry your hair and after that, use a flat iron to straighten it out but be careful just to use small section s in your hair.

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